Pure Lavender Water Toner

Pure Lavender Water Toner

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Toners remove Dead Skin Cells along with Excess Oil or Dirt left on the skin after Cleansing. Toning will leave your skin looking Clean, Refreshed, & Hydrated.  Any Skin Care Line is not complete without a Toner as part of your Skin Care Regime. It is a critical step that is often overlooked, but this process Closes your Pores, Adjusts the pH of the Skin, & Removes remaining Oil or Dirt, which enables your skin to Breathe, Regenerate Healthy Skin Cells, & to remain Supple.

Third Generation Herbal's Facial Toners are Naturally Created with 100%, Therapeutic-grade, Herbal Hydrosols, the Therapeutic Waters Accumulated from the Steam Distillation Process. They are Naturally Aromatic and contain many of the Medicinal Properties of the Plants in which they are Created from. They are Refreshingly Medicinal, are Aromatically Unique, & will Enable your Skin the Thrive in Wellness with Consistent use.

Usage: For All Skin Types, but is Excellent for Mature, Dehydrated, Damaged, Fair Skin, Rosacea, & Prematurely Aging Skin.

Use at least every Morning & Night, but use as Often as Needed.
Here at Third Generation Herbal we Love to use the Toners with a Cotton Pad, especially throughout the Summer Days for a Quick & Easy Wipedown.

Immediately Follow with a Moisturizer when your Skin is Still Damp from Toning.

Organic Lavender Hydrosol

This Hydrosol Has also Had Success in Aiding Issues Such as:
Skin Allergies
Cracked or Chapped Skin
Razor Burn
Hotspots on Pets
Poisonous Plant Skin Reactions
Herpes/Cold sore Outbreaks
Chicken pox
Diaper rash
Eye Compresses
Fungal Dilemmas
Bacterial  Dilemmas
Body Odor


Handcrafted by Third Generation Herbal, currently based in Portland, Oregon.