After receiving her BFA in Fine Arts, Rebekah Todd, owner and founder, spent a decade traveling the world with nothing but a suitcase and a guitar (and sometimes a band).  During those travels, she met countless artists, makers and all around inspirers.  Wildwood Hideaway was sparked by the idea to not only support the makers she met during her travels, but also to inspire a lifestyle of self-care, slow living and local love.

In 2019, Todd's busy music life came to a staggering halt after the loss of her mother to cancer.  It was then that Todd decided, along with her husband Logan Tabor, to pursue a new kind of lifestyle.  They packed up all of their belongings and moved to a cabin in the hills of NC where they make music in their basement and are simultaneously exploring the idea of slow-living.

So what is slow-living?

Slow living is simply the act of living with intention.  It's easy to get caught up in the fast life, as these two musician/travelers found out.  But sometimes the fast life isn't always the best life for our minds or our bodies.  Living with intention means taking time to prepare the right kinds of food for our bodies, purchasing the right kind of materials for our bodies and skin in the form of slow fashion and sustainable clothing, taking time to notice the beauty in nature, purchasing our food from a known source or growing it ourselves and lastly, supporting our neighbors.