Lavender Rose Face and Hair Oil

Lavender Rose Face and Hair Oil

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European aroma with a blend of Lavender and Rose.  This deliciously lifting blend can be used on both hair and skin.  A few drops will do the trick!

Use: Apply after Showering when Skin & Hair are still Damp, after a Day at the Beach, or Simply when Your Body is Needing Nourishment. Apply a Dime size Amount to Palms, Warm, then Apply Liberally all over Body. Massage into Skin, then Let Absorb.

For Hair: Apply a Conservative Amount to Palms, then Massage into Roots & Ends Using Fingertips. Can be Applied or Combed Through Damp Hair for an Overnight Treatment. Rinse in the Morning. For Best Results, Use Regularly.

Great for All Skin Types.

Handmade by Third Generation Herbal, currently based in Portland, Oregon.